Actions HistoryΒΆ

Actions History tracks how you use Javatar and helps solve the problem. By provides useful informations as request by developer (only when you submit an issue). A Javatar Action History Report will looks similar to this when using it properly...

## Javatar Report
### System Informations
* Javatar Version: `1.0.0`
* Sublime Version: `3059`
* Package Path: `/Users/USER_NAME/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages`
* Javatar Channel: `stable`
* Sublime Channel: `stable`
* Is Debug Mode: `False`
* Platform: `osx`
* As Packages: `True`
* Package Control: `True`
* Architecture: `x64`
* Javatar's Parent Folder: `Javatar`
* Is Project: `True`
* Is File: `True`
* Is Java: `True`

### Action List
1. Startup
2. Reset all settings
3. Reset all snippets
4. Reset all default packages
5. Read settings
6. Load snippets
7. Check news
8. Ready
9. Javatar snippet AbstractClass.javatar loaded
10. Analyse snippet [file=Packages/Javatar/snippets/AbstractClass.javatar]
11. Javatar snippet Class.javatar loaded
12. Analyse snippet [file=Packages/Javatar/snippets/Class.javatar]
13. Javatar snippet Enumerator.javatar loaded
14. Analyse snippet [file=Packages/Javatar/snippets/Enumerator.javatar]
15. Javatar snippet Interface.javatar loaded
16. Analyse snippet [file=Packages/Javatar/snippets/Interface.javatar]
17. Load Java default packages
18. Javatar default package Proto.javatar-packages loaded
19. Analyse package [file=Packages/Javatar/Java/Proto.javatar-packages]
20. Javatar default package JavaSE8.javatar-packages loaded
21. Analyse package [file=Packages/User/JavaSE8.javatar-packages]
22. Check packages update

Javatar do not automatically send these informations. You have to reply an issue with these informations yourself.

Actions History can be disabled by settings enable_actions_history to false.