Javatar Snippets

Javatar snippets is a dynamic snippet which will change part of the file to correspond with package path and class name. By using parameters, you can specify which part of the file you want to fill the data to.

You can make your own snippets to use within Javatar by create a new file ends with .javatar

Snippet class tags (for more informations about snippet tags, see below) will be used as a type of classes which show in input panel when create a new file (%type% Name:), on error dialog (%type% %name% already exists) and in status bar when file was created (%type% %name% is created within package %package%).

Example of Javatar‘s snippets is inside Javatar‘s snippets folder (PACKAGES_PATH/Javatar/snippets or inside .sublime-packages file)

Snippet Tags

The following tags are used inside Javatar snippet files (*.javatar) which will be used by Javatar to display proper command to the user

  • %class:*TYPE OF CLASS*%

Usage of snippet tags in action


Snippet Parameters

The following parameters are used inside Javatar snippet files (*.javatar) which will be parsed by Javatar and Sublime Text.

  • %package_path% = Package path
  • %class% = Class name
  • %file% = File path
  • %file_name% = File name (equivalent to
  • %package% = Package code (for example package java.utils; or same as package %packages_path%;)
  • All Sublime Text‘s snippet parameters can be used within Javatar snippets. For example: ${1} or ${2://Comment}