Commands Categories

Javatar have a lot of commands to be used, show them all like Command Palette can confused and also hard to search. So, in order to help organize and search for commands easier, Javatar group all similar commands into sections.


  • Build classes within packages or project
  • More details on Builds


  • Insert class or package informations such as current class path, class name or package path
  • More details on Calls



  • Do class or package operations such as organize imports or correct class
  • More details on Operations

Project Settings

Javatar Settings

  • Adjust settings for global projects (all projects)
  • Most settings are the same as project settings

Packages Manager [1]

  • Install or remove additional packages provided by Javatar and community

Help and Support

  • Help and Support tools and Javatar‘s informations
[1]Accessed via menu only