Operations help you do a class or package, obviously, operations such as organize imports or rename class easier. Currently, Javatar has 2 operations...

Correct Class

Javatar will search for current package and your class name based on the file name and location of the current file and correct it on first class definition.

Organize Imports

Javatar will automatically import all necessary packages and remove unused packages for you. This is done within 7 sub-steps.

  1. Javatar gathering imports informations from current file
  2. Javatar lets you select a package that has the same class
  3. Javatar imports “default imports” and Java’s packages
  4. Javatar asks you to enter the package name for missing classes
  5. Javatar asks for package name that you want to enter manually
  6. Javatar clear all imports in the current file
  7. Javatar imports all packages that have been processed within step 1-4