Javatar PackagesΒΆ

Javatar required packages file (*.javatar-packages) to correctly import necessary Java’s packages. These files contain all classes, fields, methods and packages to use with Javatar.

Javatar Packages file is a JSON file. You can read more details about each key and value in Proto.javatar-packages located within Javatar‘s Java folder (can be accessed via Preferences > Package Settings > Proto.javatar-packages or via command palette by type Javatar Proto).

However, their are 2 special keys that are not normally used within Javatar Packages which are...

  • experiment
    • Set this to true to exclude this package from Javatar‘s packages list.
  • always_import
    • Set this to true to always import this package even no class is used (this will import as package.*).

Both keys are boolean type and also optional to use.