Package Channels

Stable Channel

Stable channel is a default channel for every user who installed Javatar. This channel will release only fully working features and hide all incomplete features.

Development Channel

Development channel is a optional channel for user who want to try upcoming features which may not fully working or need improvements. All upcoming features will appear in Development Section only.


Stable channel update notes also apply on development channel as well.

Package Updates Notifications

In order to notice important notes to all users, in stable channel or development channel or both, Javatar use custom notification system which will notice you only once when Javatar is ready to use. You can opt out this notification by settings message_id to -1 in Javatar‘s user settings file, note that you can see update notes in README file or you will miss further important update notes.


From Javatar 1.0.0 and later, Package Channels has no effect on features except for Development Section. There will be no package channel on newer version of Javatar.