Settings can be accessed via the Preferences > Package Settings > Javatar from the menu bar or via command palette by type Preference Javatar.

Default settings should not be modified. However, you can copy the relevant settings in Javatar‘s user settings file.

Some settings contain parameters for special value such as Source Folder or Project Directory. The followings are all parameter supported by Javatar...

  • Available anywhere
    • $project_dir
      • Project Directory
    • $source_folder
      • Source folder
    • $packages_path
      • Sublime Text‘s packages path
    • $sep
      • Path separator. Such as “/” on Unix and “\” on Windows
  • Available when open a file
    • $full_class_path
      • Full class path. Such as “package.subpackage.classname”
    • $package
      • Current package. Such as “package.subpackage”
    • $class_name
      • Current class name. Such as “classname”
  • Available when open a file on specific context (such as build or run)
    • $file
      • Full path to file. Such as “/Users/home/”
    • $file_parent
      • Full path of parent directory. Such as “/Users/home/”
    • $file_name
      • File name. Such as “”
    • $sourcepath
      • Source path flag for build command (-sourcepath)
    • $classpath
      • Class path flag for build and run command (-classpath)
    • $d
      • Output path flag for build command (-d)


Make sure you quoted all path specific value to escape the spaces.