Projects Settings

The Project Settings section contains per-project settings.


All Javatar‘s settings can be set specifically for each project by setting it in project file instead of user preferences

Set Program Arguments

By default, Javatar will not pass parameters when running an application through the Run Main Class command (see Getting Started for an example). Set Program Arguments allows you to specify what arguments should be passed on main execution.


Javatar supports build and run project that have dependencies .jar files both global and specific projects. To add a dependency to global projects (all projects), go to Javatar Settings... > Dependencies... and select Add External .jar or Add Class Folder and Javatar will show a dialog to select a dependency you want to add. To add a dependency to current project, same as for global projects, but using Project Settings... > Dependencies... menu instead.

Set Source Folder

As default, Javatar will specify a default package (mostly) based-on current working folder or folder contains current working files (more details in next section). Many projects might use multiple folders and some of them are not source folder. Set source folder helps solve this issue by letting you select which folder to specified as Source Folder (or default package as Javatar use).

Set Default JDK

As default, Javatar will use global JDK (more details on JDK Detections). Set a default JDK for each project can be helpful since you might want some projects to use newer JDK version.

To set a default JDK for your project, go to Project Settings... > Set Default JDK and Javatar will show a list of JDK you have and available to use.